Out of Worcestershire, across South Staffordshire and into Shropshire

A pig amongst lot of docks
A Kunekune pig
A telegraph pole at the side of the road
Almost as good as a bench
A river surrounded by grass and trees
The River Severn
A river with trees and houses in view
The River Severn, again
A village seen from a bridge
St Leonard’s Church, Bridgnorth
The author sitting against a tree enjoying an ice cream
Time to relax


  • Sleep last night: 7hr 13min
  • Miles covered: 26/151 (today/total)
  • Miles to go: 51
  • Steps: 52,916/318,332 (today/total)
  • Calories: 3,666
  • Walking speed (kph): 4.1-6.7
  • Arrival at hotel: 13:45ish


  • Catshill
  • Belbroughton
  • Blakedown
  • Churchill
  • Caunsall
  • Kinver
  • Compton
  • Bridgnorth

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